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Hi there! My name is Janice and I am the sole artist behind Just Angels Nursery

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Janice Croft

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My fascination with “life-like”dolls began a few years ago when I received an email which was doing the rounds at the time about the legendary “marzipan babies”. I was totally fascinated with these tiny life- like dolls.

I was retrenched from my job in October 2007 whilst being 5 months pregnant with our second baby. I was left destitute financially and obviously not the most hirable candidate for any position. I prayed for the right opportunity to come along.

In February 2008 I gave birth to our second baby girl Shanna, She was premature due to the stress I was under and I was so fascinated by the smallness of her. I once again embarked on my quest to find these baby dolls, and a Google search changed my life. I just knew that I had to make one of these babies.

I have been reborning since 2008, after the birth of our second baby, and made my first reborn for our 4 year old daughter Kyla. I had every intention of only making one baby for her, but the response from people when she walked with “her baby” in town while mommy pushed her sister took me by storm. And so I embarked on my reborn journey!

Each baby I lovingly “bring to life” is extremely unique and precious to me. My babies are “born” with the utmost precision and care. No detail is left out in the process of making my babies as realistic as can be.

I wish to thank our Lord God for entrusting me with the privilege of this amazing discovery and for bringing reborning into my life in the darkest of times for me. I also thank my wonderful family for their patience and support and my husband Landon for bearing with the endless doll parts decorating the house!!!!! You will always be my first and favorite baby!

*Please note that not all dolls seen on this site have been reborned by me, but by fellow talented artists too. I can create you one that looks like any of these featured.

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